We believe that every day, God is calling us into our neighborhoods and communities to risk something new and be a blessing for others. Here is some of what we do together as a congregation.


St. George Interfaith Council

We actively support the St. George Interfaith Council embracing its goal to increase cooperation and understanding across the faith community while respecting the integrity of each person's belief. Meetings are scheduled for 11:00 a.m. on the first Friday of each month, and locations vary between places of worship and gathering. Check out the St. George Interfaith Council website here for more information. 


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Latter-day Seeker Ministry

Many in our congregation have found spiritual home with Community of Christ after a previously LDS religious context. We have walked together along the path of faith transition and have found safe and welcoming community with each other.

While we seek dialogue with all members of the Restoration, Community of Christ does not proselytize active Latter-day Saints.  In fact, we do not proselytize anyone in an effort to change their faith. We do, however, invite all who are seeking to come and see what God can do in their lives in Community of Christ. To learn more about Latter-day seeker ministry, visit latter-dayseekers.org or check us out on Facebook.



Worship and Dialogue

Our worship services include sharing about our lives, prayer, song, spiritual practice, and discussion. We come to the table with all that we are - our questions, our life experience, and our stories. We seek to share in community and find rootedness in the Sacred together. Come and see!

Daily Prayer for Peace

Each day in the Community of Christ Temple in Independence, MO a prayer for peace is offered for a different country around the world. The specific country is chosen based on the World Council of Churches' ecumenical prayer cycle. This is our way of joining our voices with Christians around the world who pray for peace. To find out more about the Daily Prayer for Peace in Community of Christ, click here

Photo Credit: Heather Hymas Gans (thedesertpulse.com)

Photo Credit: Heather Hymas Gans (thedesertpulse.com)

We are a welcoming community

In 2013, Community of Christ moved to extend full inclusion of the LGBTQ+ community in the sacraments of marriage and ordination. The Southern Utah congregation is a welcoming community that upholds the worth of all persons. We are also active participants in the St. George Pride events in the community. Stop by our booth for buttons and good conversation!