Community of Christ's 250,000 members live and minister in more than 60 nations. We proclaim Jesus Christ and promote communities of joy, hope, love, and peace.


Christ's mission, Our Mission.

The mission of Jesus Christ is our foundation. We seek to live out our faith by building communities of peace and justice. To guide us in this mission, we look to five Mission Initiatives:


  • Invite People to Christ

  • Pursue Peace on Earth

  • Abolish Poverty and End Suffering

  • Experience Congregations in Mission

  • Develop Disciples to Serve


In addition to Mission Initiatives, we uphold Enduring Principles to guide our faith. Our Enduring Principles define the essence, heart, and soul of our faith community. They describe the personality of our church as expressed throughout the world. They include the following principles:

  • Grace and Generosity

  • Sacredness of Creation

  • Continuing Revelation

  • Worth of All Persons

  • All Are Called

  • Responsible Choices

  • Pursuit of Peace (Shalom)

  • Unity in Diversity

  • Blessings of Community